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In the year 16XX...

                                   Everybody wants the coolest boat

Sail your small boat around the infinite archipelago to discover buried treasure! Find coins and buy hats and tools at the shop! Just watch out for all the other pirates who will stop at nothing to make sure that the treasures stay buried

WASD/Arrow keys to move the player and to control the shopping interface
Mouse to rotate the camera Space to jump
Left Click to attack and purchase in the shopping interface
Right Click to aim with the camera
E to interact
H to cycle through hats
Tab to check treasure checklist

Number row to change equipment (once unlocked)
1: Dagger
2: Sword
3: Pirate's Cannon
8: Compass
9: Shovel

Made for Global Game Jam Online 2021! Theme: Lost and Found

Programming: Katie Ohlson, Jacob Rich, Christian Bonnell

Art: Kelly McCardell


SWICS.zip 20 MB

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